Aspire Inter-Club Team Battle

Thank you all for the overwhelming response to our previous Aspire Inter-Club Team Battles. We had teams from across the country and more than 150 players in both the tournaments!

Our Inter-Club team battle is organized with the following aims:

  1. Good practice opportunity for developing players at long time-control.
  2. Exposure to stronger players.
  3. Collaboration with other chess clubs.
  4. It should be a free opportunity accessible to all.

With all these aims in mind, we have scheduled our next (4th Aspire Inter-Club team battle) tournament on July 8 at 6PM.

🚀Tournament Rules:

  1. There will be 10 chess clubs participating. Players from one club will be competing with other club players. There are no limitations on the number of participants from each chess club.
  2. Arena format 10+5 with no berserk and no bonus point system. (I’m trying to keep this setting ON, but something not working properly in Lichess)
  3. In the end, the average points of the top ten players from each chess club will be considered for final list.
  4. Prize details: 2000, 1000, 500 will be distributed through club managers.
  5. Tournament Date/time: June 19, Friday between 6 PM and 8:30 PM.
  6. There are no restrictions to the number of players (Or the level of players, all are welcome!)
  7. Minimum number of players in a team: 10. Maximum: No limit.
  8. Time control: 10 minutes plus 5 seconds increment.
  9. Registration fee: 500 per team
  10. Chat rules: Please note than many of our participants are children from different chess club. So, abusive chat or accusing players of cheating will lead to serious action which may include disqualification of the team. If there are any problems, contact the organizer.
  11. Organizer contact: Arun 7708921273 or @Fallenphoenix on Lichess.
  12. Computer assistance: Seriously people, why risk ruining your name in a big tournament? You cannot buy it back with money!
  13. Player’s registration is compulsory. Form at the end of this post. You don’t have to do it if you already filled it in the last tournament.

Note to Clubs:

  1. Confirm your participation asap through Arun 7708921273
  2. Create a Lichess Team page in this format (Chess Club Name + City)
  3. Send the Team name/link to Arun to be added to the tournament.
  4. Send the team link to your students/players who will be playing for your chess club. There are no limits on the number of players or level of players.
  5. Get Tournament Link and share it in your Club Team Page and also share with your players so they can register.
  6. Minimum number of players in each team: 10 members. No upper limit.

🚀TEAM BATTLE Tournament Link:

🚀Would you like to help?

Tournament expenses are taken care of by Aspire Chess Center, but without the club actually running, we find it difficult to keep our activities running sometimes. If you really find our Team-Battle tournament useful, please consider a donation. Any amount will be really helpful.

Google Play: Arun 7708921273

Bank details:

🚀Compulsory registration form for Players:

🚀Previous Tournament results:

  1. 1st Aspire Inter-Club Team Battle: Lichess Link.
  2. 2nd Aspire Inter-Club Team Battle: Lichess Link.
  3. 3rd Aspire Inter-Club Team Battle: Lichess Link.

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