Welcome to the home page of Aspire Chess Center, Pondicherry. You can find more information here about our history, online chess classes (We have evolved), about our tournaments, and much more! Happy exploring! If you can’t find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us.

Who we are

A chess club based in the city of Pondicherry, India. We believe in innovative teaching methods, having a lot of fun, and a creative approach towards chess training aimed at the holistic development of children.

Learn @ Aspire

From being a physical chess club, we have now evolved into a full online training system comprising of live session with coaches, recorded videos, training assignments, tournaments, and a lot of fun!

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Frequent Online Tournaments

Live Sessions with Coaches (English & Tamil)

Know Your Coach

Arun J

Arun is a passionate and fun-loving chess trainer with experience in different fields. His highest FIDE rating is 2129 and has played in the international arena for a short span of time before finding his passion for teaching. He dropped out of engineering in the last year and started his own learning journey which led him to wear different hats – from being a writer, a hobby programmer, a volunteer in non-profits to being a part of different startups internationally through freelancing. He has had the privilege of working with some of the exceptional minds in the chess field like Susan Polgar, Maurice Ashley, and many leading chess companies.

S. Badrinath

Badri is a former Pondicherry State champion with the highest FIDE rating of 2093. He is an experienced player who also proved himself at the national level in 2017 when he finished 5th in the National Under 25 Championship. He is also an Engineering graduate from a prestigious NIT.

Upcoming Tournaments

August 3, Monday:
– 6 PM to 7 PM Knight group class with Kannan.
– 8 PM to 9 PM: 3+ 2 Chess 960 Tournament

August 4, Tuesday:
– 6 PM to 7 PM: Bishop group class with Swaraj
– 8 PM to 9 PM: Puzzle Battle Tournament

August 5, Wednesday:
– 6 PM to 7 PM: Knight group class with Kannan
– 7:30 PM to 9 PM: 5+5 Aspire Team Tournament

August 6, Thursday:
– 6 PM to 7 PM: Bishop group class with Swaraj
– 8 PM to 9 PM: Crazy house tournament

August 7, Friday:
– 6 PM to 7 PM: Knight group class with Kannan
– 8 PM to 9 PM: Practice Tournament 10+0

August 8, Saturday:
– 10 AM to 11 AM: Bishop group class with Anand.
– 5 PM to 8 PM: 20-20 Arena tournament 3 hours tournament!

August 9, Sunday:
– 10 AM to 11 AM: Bishop group class with Anand
– 6 PM to 7 PM: Game Analysis, Mistakes & Lessons – Arun
– 9 PM to 10 PM: Forward Chess 3+1 Sunday Tournament


Do you like stories?

We love stories 🙂 In fact, you’ll be excited to hear about the time when kids tried to plant a “Chocos” tree or the story behind our first magic show for kids. We created a unique space for blogging, which you can access here.


Use the contact form below to reach out to us. You can also call us on +91 – 77089 21273 or email: arunjchess@gmail.com