Aspire Timeline


2020: January: Pongal Open Rapid Tournament:

2020 New year Open Tournament: At our current space in Vysial Street!


Magic Show, Yoga and Food: Aspire Chess Center co-organized a special event for kids from Jaly Home, Pondicherry. We were so glad to see all the smiles at the end of the event!

Grandmaster Camp at Pondicherry with GM Priyadharshan: Aspire Chess Center organized Pondicherry’s first GM Camp in mid-2019.

Aspire Chess Center at Mission Street Pondicherry:
When we were at mission street, we had many practice sessions, tournaments and other activities like problem solving contests. Many results were lost when our old computer got drenched in the monsoon rains. But we saved some photos. Here they are!

A typical weekend class in progress. Outstation kids from as far as Tiruvannamalai, Neyveli, Tindivanam, etc were a part of the group.

Several Round robin and Open tournament were organized in our space. We later shifted to our current space in Vysial street, Pondicherry.

Weekend Practice Tournament in Progress at Aspire Chess Center, Pondicherry.
Open Tournament. Our plants/garden in the side/background 🙂
A tense final round battle on the top boards!
Picture: A critical moment from one of our strongest open tournaments in 2019! Swaraj won the event. We had players from Chennai, Pondicherry, Jharkand (!) and several district from Tamil Nadu.

Aspire Problem Solving Rating, an experiment: 2019

Swaraj Wins first Pondicherry Rating Tournament: Our former coach Swaraj destroyed the competition at the first Pondicherry Open Rating Tournament with a score of 8/9.

Tournament venue

League Of Shadows Story: In early 2019, we started an online league for strong players rated between 1900 to 2200. The purpose was to encourage healthy competition among them and to help aspiring chess professionals stay motivated in their pursuits. The online League system was set up in the first week of January, in 2019. The first group of players to join the fashionably named “League Of Shadows” were players from Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu. Stories and results can be found below…

League Of Shadows Tournament 1: (January 21 to 23, 2019 )

Tournament starting list: Tournament average: 2099

  1. Surendran 2210
  2. Hirthickkesh 2200
  3. Jyothsna 2118
  4. Swaraj 2075
  5. Arun 2020
  6. Badri 1970

The tournament was organized mostly in with a time control of 10 minutes each with an increment of 10 seconds. Several quality games ensued the relentless fighting by the players. In the end, with 6.5 points, Badri finished a clear first ahead of other higher rated players. Congratulations!

Final cross table:

Badrinath. S from Pondicherry, back in 2016.

Practise Tournament 2: January 18. 2019:

Double round robin with average rating 2046 was won by Jyothsna. L of Neyveli with a score of 5/6 (Losing only one game, that too on internet disconnection).

Practise Tournament 1: January 17, 2019.

A thematic King’s Indian tournament: Won by Badri of Pondicherry. All games can be found here: Link

Tournament 1 results. Tournament Rating average (FIDE): 2062


Srihari (from Pondicherry) achieved several notable performances in 2018. The biggest of which is finishing joint fifth(joint second) in the national under 15 championship and getting selected to represent India in an Asian and World Youth team championship. Results below…

Mayor’s Cup International Group B – Runner.

Mayor’s Cup, Mumbai, Group B – 2018.

Srihari also finished fifth (joint second) in the Under – 15 national, 2018 at Kolkata.

National Under 15 – 5th prize. Kolkata, 2018.

G.Gokul: National Under – 7: Seventh prize.

Aspire Chess Center, Pondicherry conducted its first open tournament on the 8th of July, 2018.


Tournament Average: 1332 (13 rated players and 7 unrated players averaged to 1000 elo). The average rating of the top five players is 1866!


[Above: Mission Street Space – Construction at the time of the tournament – July 16,2018]

Top five players/Results:

1. Peter Anand – 1815 – 4 points

2. Srihari – 1927 – 3.5 points.

3. Raman – 1630 – 3 points.

4. Naresh – 1423 – 3 points.

5. Farhaan – 1690 – 2.5 points.

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