Practice makes perfect

Imagine learning to swim using dozens of books and never touching water. What will happen when the ship sinks and one is forced to jump out and survive on practical skills? Likewise, developing in Chess is also multi-faceted. One has to learn the theoretical aspects of the game, as well as put his knowledge to practice in actual games and training sessions.

At Aspire, over the months, we have neatly divided timings for practice and tournaments. Recently, the sessions were further improvised, with the introduction of club membership.

Details of the timings for practice:

  • Monday to Friday: 5:30 pm to 6:30pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 2pm to 6pm.

From June, a membership fee of 300 per month was introduced to help balance the cost of running the practice sessions and invest more on gifts and playing partners.

Apart from the regular playing practice, on selected days, we will have tournaments, problem solving contests, blitz events and so on.

For further details or inquiry, contact us here.

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