A letter to sponsors


Thank you for your interest in supporting Aspire Chess Center. It is almost five months since we started operations in our current location at mission Street. Our chess club has sailed turbulent waters during this time, like a little bird learning to fly after that initial jump off a cliff.
Initially, when I started this place, I was a lone person trying to handle teaching, planning and all the different aspects of the business. But as time rolled by, I was fortunate to have surmounted the different challenges I faced, thanks to our team, parents, family and fellow players. It led me to believe in the old saying that it takes a village to raise a kid and I believe that it takes a whole community to nurture a dream.
So far I see the fruits of my work in the results of our students. In 2018, for example, most of the state champions were our students and we were able to produce two national results. I wanted to thank you for your interest in supporting Aspire Chess Center and would like to reaffirm the fact that behind the success of each kid is the contribution of many people and sponsors are at the heart of it.
In this blog, I wanted to share the different ways in which you, as an interested sponsor, can contribute to the growth of the chess club and the local chess ecosystem.
One-time support:
Parents interested in helping us in a one off sponsorship can consider buying us the necessities from our wish list. From sponsoring a chess clock, chess books for the library, prizes for tournament to getting us a projector, there are so many ways in which you can help us. ( I’m thinking of making a public wishlist on Amazon)
Recurring –
If you would like to support us on a regular basis, it can be done in the following ways.
We procure a lot of stationaries for gifting children each month. These small gifts help motivate them in their learning journey. So, one possible idea is that you can send us your favourite pens, pencils, other stationary and gifts on a recurring basis.
To bring in stronger players:
One of the biggest challenge we face in Pondicherry is the lack of strong competition. Since Pondicherry is a separate state, our kids cannot participate in state-level events in Tamil Nadu. This creates a disadvantage for the talented kids of Pondicherry.
To overcome this, we try to create activities (tournaments and playing session) and invite strong players from nearby places. This is quite an expense for a small chess club. Any recurring contribution here would be a great help with big impact in the near future.
Thank you. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask.
Arun J

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