First Aspire Open Tournament

Aspire Chess Center, Pondicherry conducted its first open tournament on the 8th of July, 2018. There were a number of challenges that had to be overcome to organize the event successfully. The first was venue. The initial plan was to organize the event at the new Mission Street space, but the construction work could not be completed on time. The second challenge was reaching out to many potential participants and yet keeping a balance on the numbers. We reached out to chess players through sms and calls, and somehow through friends and acquaintances, we ended up with 20 participants, which is quite a progress compared to the previous event (8 players). In the end, we had a small but a quality tournament to write about.


Tournament Average: 1332 (13 rated players and 7 unrated players averaged to 1000 elo). The average rating of the top five players is 1866!


[Above: Starting List]


[Above: Mission Street Space – Current construction status – July 16]

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[Final Venue: Anna Nagar space, Pondicherry.]

There were four rounds and quite a number of upsets. The event attracted many strong players from in and around Pondicherry. This mix of strong players provided a good training experience for all the developing players.

Peter Anand, rated 1815, a rising talent from Pondicherry, finished with a score of 4 out of 4 to emerge as the winner.


Top five players/Results:

1. Peter Anand – 1815 – 4 points

2. Srihari – 1927 – 3.5 points.

3. Raman – 1630 – 3 points.

4. Naresh – 1423 – 3 points.

5. Farhaan – 1690 – 2.5 points.

Congratulations! Hopefully our next tournament will be organized in the new space at No: 31, Mission Street, Pondicherry. If you like to receive invitations for future tournaments, signup for updates on this page. Thank you for reading 🙂

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