July 8: Tournament Update

There are a few changes in our planned Open Club tournament to be held on July 8, Sunday. The first change is related to venue. Since our Mission street Space (No: 31, fifth floor) is still under a bit of construction, we had to revert back to our plan B, which is to switch the tournament to the Anna Nagar space (No: 20, 2nd cross street, Anna Nagar). This is the first change.

And second change is related to the maximum allowed entries. Since the space is not big, the entries are restricted to 30 players. This means that there are only 19 more places left. So, please send your entries as early as possible.You can either contact Arun directly, or fill out the form on this link.

Here’s a list of entries received so far:

July 8: Open Tournament. Entries received so far:

1. Arun 2020
2. Farhaan 1690
3. Naresh 1423
4. Aaditya.A 1199
5. Gopinath 1197
6. Rahul 1105
7. Krishiv (need to reconfirm)
8. Guru Gowtham (need to reconfirm)
9. R Lokesh
10. Kashika
11. Kanishka

More details about the tournament can be found on this blog.

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