June 25: An update from Arun

Hello everyone 🙂

I have an update about the new space. I talked to the house owner this morning.
I’ve been informed that windows, safety grills, flooring and false ceiling (good news, they agreed to do it on their own) should be completed by July 1. We’ll then take a few days to complete the internal electric wiring. I was also informed that they have applied for the required commercial power lines which should take some 10 days from now. (now = June 25)

So, technically, (hopefully), we should be able to move in on the second week of July. The tournament is scheduled on July 8. (If the work prolongs, my plan B is to use the current Anna Nagar space for tournament).

For classes, I think it’s better to start with the planned sessions instead of waiting until the new space is ready. So, beginner classes will start in our Anna Nagar space. From the second week of July, we can move to Mission Street (No: 31, fifth floor, mission street. Above Firstcry).

I have two requests. One – I’ve added in this group parents who have inquired for beginner classes. I’ll be posting the class schedule here. If you like to join, just contact me. If Anna Nagar is far, as some parents have mentioned, the classes start directly in our Mission street space from the second week of July for them. [I will be posting details class plan on the website]

The second request. I need everyone’s support in this journey. If you are in this group, It’s because I think you are important. It’s because I think you care. This is the reason I deleted the previous group, It’s because I added many people who did not really care about this venture in their heart of hearts.

Aspire Chess Center is like a ship, sailing from a harbour. But the trouble is, the ship has not been made yet. We are going to build it as it sails across the river, like a bird learning to fly after that initial jump off a cliff. So, I’m painstakingly tying together wooden logs, the masts and everything in between. But realize, a dream takes a community to build, and so does this ship. We’ve got the ingredients. Years of experience, methods, values to inculcate, systems and processes, tools and techniques, vision and dedication. Now, it’s time for the community of people who care, to help me, so that together we can build this ship 😊

I have a dream, and many ideas to bring to life. I would like Aspire Chess Center to be one of the best in the world in terms of inculcating Chess wisdom in kids and shaping their journey. But I need your help. Sometimes it’s very difficult, like the times when I send out hundreds of invitation to get only 8 participants for a tournament, or times when people turn their back towards me, like the ungrateful people that I have helped surmount mountains in the past.

I need your help if you care. This message is written for a small community of people on WhatsApp, but I realize that it will also be read by many people in the future, like you, who are reading it right now. I need your support. Keep supporting this dream.

Arun J

[NOTE: This message was initially posted in our little whatsapp group. ]

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