The Chess Center

When we started looking for a space to house Aspire Chess Center in Pondicherry, we had multiple criteria in mind. One is that the space should have a nice atmosphere, and the second is that commute should not be a burden. We hit upon multiple suggestions, but a space close to the sea was so tempting. Eventually, we found a space on the terrace of a four-floored building (with a nice view of the sea and the city) in Mission Street and not far from the nearest bus stop (Atithi hotel bus stop).

We started customizing the space to suit our needs and safety priorities. Here’s a sneak peak of the building (On the first floor is FirstCry and Second is Jawed Habib) which is located in the junction of Perumal Kovil Street and Mission street.


ADDRESS: NO: 31, fifth floor, Mission Street, Pondicherry.

Our construction work should be completed by early July. Till then the classes are scheduled at my (Arun’s house. Message for details.) house in Anna Nagar.

Send us your best wishes for the journey ahead!

More photos coming soon!

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