An unconventional beginning

As the warm summer months of 2018 rolled by quietly, a shocking news began to surface at one of the leading Chess Clubs in Pondicherry. One of the pillars of the venture walked away and the building had to cope and thrive on its own. After almost two and half years of establishing the venture and turning it to one of the premier chess clubs in Pondicherry, there came an unforeseen situation (Hint: When team synergy begins to crumble, partnerships become meaningless.) shocking the parents and students of the venture. Arun left everything behind and walked away…

After being requested to teach, the idea of an independent Chess Academy started to take shape. This is the unconventional beginning of Aspire Chess Center, the start of a chess center with a single digit student count, amidst a cloud of doubt and uncertainty.


Arun is a chess player, teacher, and writer based in his native Pondicherry. He was shaped by experiences in different fields and has worked in chess-related freelancing projects from across the globe. His highest FIDE rating is 2129 and has represented India twice in international-level events. He believes in Chess classes being fun, in systematic training, a learning culture/environment that nurtures curiosity and experimentation.

Use the contact form here to leave a message or if you just wanted to say hello.



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